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29.3.2014 Madagán Bonbon (Velo) debuted in Savitaipale group show.
He placed BM3, got a very nice critic and a rosette as memories of this historical day. Judge was Miss Jette Tschokkinen.

  Leevi placed 5th in Obedience Wheaten of the Year 2013 competition
Many thanks to Johanna and Leevi for their interest and participation on different kinds of events on last year.

23.1.2014 What a great start for this year!
Madagán Alberto (Leevi) participated 19.1.2014 into Obdience Competition in Porvoo and gained his thrid 1. prize in Novice Class with points 174 and title TK1. He is now ready to compete in Open Class.  Big congrats to his owners Johanna & Mika, especially to Johanna who trains and competes with Leevi.


5.10.2013 Speciality Show in Hyvinkää. leevi_erkkari_2013.jpg
Judge Mr John R. Walsh, Ireland
Madagán Alberto (Leevi) placed 4th in Open Class (photo J.S.)
and Pepitahill's Kathleen (Lilly) placed 2nd in Open Class with CQ.

We held a second Madagán meeting during this year. This time we met in Linlo in Kirkkonummi. It was a nice to see so many of our breedings.

5.9.2013 Our A litter has 3rd birthday today, happy birthday to Ally, Aatu, Saga and Leevi.

22.8. 2013 Happy 1st birthday to our B litter -Terry, Gilda, Tofu, Velo and Kreivi.

10.8.2013 Obedience Competition Hyvinkää, judge Ossi Harjula. Madagán Alberto (Leevi) participated into Novice Class and gained 1. prize with points 166. He was handled by his owner Johanna Sulli. Big congratulations!

Greetings from over seas.  We traveled to Sweden with our three dogs for a holiday and to meet some "relatives" too. Gilda met her sire for the first time and Lilly met her breeder and her old pack.
After having a show breake for two year we participated into three shows:
18.7.2013 Irish Breed Festival, Eskilstuna, judge Colm Hastings, IE  - Gilda's first official show, she got a great evaluation and placed JUN3. Many thanks to Jörgen who handled our little runaway.
19.7.2013 Berlagswheaten 2013 Eskilstuna, judge Joakim Olsson, SE - Gilda JUN3 ja Lilly 5th in Open Class
20.7.2013 Köping Int, judge Elisabet Janzon, SE - Elin BOB- C.I.B.* and among the seven best in group final!
Very nice journey in all the way. Shared joy is bigger and our good friends team had success during all three days. Many thanks to my dear husband, it was great to have him with us and share all the unforgetable moments and days with him.
We had two more wheatens when headed back to Finland, new members of our Team Madagán.

8.6.2013 RotuRace 2013                                                                         
Team Tuulitukat placed 12./32 in Midi-sized class, time was 16,08. The time is calculated by 2. and 3. fastest time of a team. In this size class there was totally 128 runners.
Individual times and placements / 80 m greyhound track:roturace2013.jpg
15. Alberto (Leevi) 7,49
31. j. Timotei (Gilda) 7,7
72. Gliss (Elin) 8,38
107. Sunsilk (Enni) 9,94
Leevi was fast like a wind got an excellent time and placement! Gilda was slightly over the age of 9 moths which was age limitation for this competioin. We are so proud of our breedings.
Even Lilly was entered into this team and was with us trainings she couldn't participate and she was replaced with Enni.
Team Tuulitukat from left to right: Elin, Allu, Johanna, Leevi, Marko, Gilda, Hannu, Enni and Ritva. Thank you all.
Next year hopefully we'll have a team consisting our own breedings only, let's see.

27.5.2013 Happy New Year!
Yesterday we had a Puppy Meeting for our B litter.  It was a really nice afternoon and we had so much fun together. A group photo is seeable on the B litter page. We have added some new individual photos too.

madaganb_kirsi1.jpg4.11.2012 It was a time for a second happy reunion during this week. Lilly and her puppies participated into Hannes Lohi's Canine Genetic Studies. Great to have so co-operative people around us.
Photo: Kirsi Nevalainen

29.10.2012 Our B litter was officially eye checked- all five have healthy eyes.

16.9.2012 Madagán Alberto (Leevi) passed through MH test in Porvoo.

5.9.2012 Happy 2nd Birthday to our 1st litter

22.8.2012 Lilly had great timing and puppies were born within 71 minutes. She and her treasures are doing fine and we had the most wonderful 20th Wedding Anniversary day by welcoming our new family members.
19.7.2012  Lilly's pregnancy is confirmed by an ultra sound test. She is doing fine.

22.6.2012 Ture (Villa Rosas Uisge Tyrconnel) visited Lilly and experienced The Finnish Midsummer.

11.6.2012 A -litter was health checked in the beginning of this summer. Results are available on their individual pages and naturally also on Finnish Kennel Club's Database.

21.4.2012 Lilly making through MH test in Porvoo.

17.9.2011 DTK Hedensted. Judge Mrs Gertrud Hagström, Sweden. Elin CHAMP - EXC1, BB1 - CAC - BOB -> DK CH & NORD CH. What a day!
5.9.2011 Happy 1st Birthday to our 1st litter. 
img_9100.jpg7.7.2011 Championnat de France. Judge Mrs Gertrud Hagström, Sweden.
Elin OPEN - EXC1 - C.A.C.S.

8.7.2011 World Dog Show 2011, Paris, France. Judge Mme Guilhčme Pelissier, France. Elin OPEN - EXC

It was a nice trip, even very tight with time schedules. We are pleased with our results,  time spent together with our friends and of course last but not least that we could refresh our French skills:).
Congratulations to Elin's breeder.
Vive la France!

19.6.2011 Kotka Int. Judge Mr Colm Hastings, Ireland. Lilly JUN - EXC4,  Elin CHAMP - EXC1, BB2 - CACIB.


11.6.2011 Speciality show, Helsinki. Judge Mr Nicholas White, Ireland.
Madagán Alberto and Madagán Aurora took part for the first time in Junior classes. It was the first show ever for Alberto and for his handler/owner. Aurora was showed for the first time by her owner and this was the first show for her too. Both got very good critic. 
We were very pleased with our Madagáns, thanks to Johanna & Mika, Linda!
Madagán Alberto ->, photo P. Häkkinen     


5.6.2011 Today we had our first puppymeeting. Pictures can be found later on the A litter's page.


10.4. 2011 Vaasa Int. Judge Mr Svein Helgesen, NO. Elin BB2 R-CACIB

10.4.2011 Bergen Int, Norway. Judge Mrs Colette Muldoon, IE 
Sune gained three new champion titles and this photo is of:
C.I.B* NORD & SE & DK & NO & DE & VDH CH
Villa Auroras Atilla "Sune". * = to be confirmed by FCI.
Congratulations to the sire of our A litter. 
Photo: K. Ingner

10.5.2011 20 HAPPY years with HAPPY wheatens!

25.2.2011 Our sunshine Lilly has her first birthday today, congratulations! Thank you Carina for this lovely little dog.

19.2.2011 PuppyCup, Lohja. Judge Mrs Hannele Jokisilta. Madagán Aurora "Ally" participated in her first show in Baby class and ended up second.

14.2.2011 We took a short breake from this neverending winter and visited our friends in Germany.
It was really an all inclusive weekend; it contained shared joy and success with friends, not to mention about spring weather which we enjoyed very much of. Elin took part in a show after a long time:

Rheinberg Int 12.2.2011, Germany. Judge Mr Robert Blümel, Austria

Congratulations to our hosts and thank you for your warm hospitality. Happy Valentine!




  Happy Rheinland  Winners 2011 Ted & Elin                                                    Photos by Herr C. E.


5.9.2010 Madagán's first litter has arrived. Today, Sunday Elin gave birth to two male and two female puppies. Dam and puppies are doing very well.


15.8.2010 Wheaten Club Speciality Show, Helsinki. Judge Mr Jul Hamlot, Norway
Lilly debuted show world, got a rosette and placed 4th in Puppy Class 5-7 months.

5.8.2010 Today Elin had an ultrasound test and we saw and heard that her belly is "full of puppies". She is doing very well.

23.7.2010 Elin had her 4th birthday. Congratulations!

22.7.2010 Elin's SE CH was confirmed. My girl:).

7.-8.7.2010 Sune (Villa Auroras Atilla) and his family visited Elin and us and "the romance" which begun in Denmark had it's fulfilment during the warmest and most beautiful days in this summer.

1.7.2010 Greetings from Sweden and Denmark
We had a vacation combined with four shows and here are Elin's results:

Jönköping Int. 20.6.2010. Judge Mr Rony Doedijns, NL -> OPEN - EXC1, BB4, CAC - SE CH with super critic
Jönköping Int. 21.6.2010. Judge Mr Stephen O'Brien, IE -> CHAMPION - EXC2
WDS 2010, Herning 25.6.2010. Judge Mr Sean Delmar, IE -> OPEN - EXC4
Terrier Speciality, Hedensted 27.6.2010. Judge Mrs Louise Borst-Borreman, NL -> OPEN - EXC (unoff. 5th place)

Congratulations to winners and thank you all for nice athmosphere during these events.


Aptus International Show Helsinki 23.5.2010.
Judge: Mrs Renée Sporre-Willes, Sweden.
Photo: Anne Hübinette.

We had a quite nice start for this year,  Elin placed  BB4.




Elin won Show Dog of the Year 2009 competition arranged by Etelärannikon Tassutiimi ry (Ertti). Our team had an excellent show year:).

We received some excellent news today. Our Kennel Name Madagán has been approved by FCI on 17.3.2010. 

Elin placed 5th in Wheaten of the Year 2009 competition.
Congratulations and many thanks for her breeder Tiina Salmivuori.










Photo is taken from Turku International 29.11.2009 where she was selected to be BOB for the third time during year 2009. Photo is taken by Katja Päivinen.

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